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Each of are pieces is handmade in our Minneapolis, MN studio.  Each piece may vary slightly from the picture shown due to the nature of handmade jewelry.  Handmade jewelry is one-of-a-kind and can have slight variations in texture and gems.  Please allow for unique variations in each piece.


EC Design jewelry is committed to running an ethical and responsible business.  We use 100% recycled metals, conflict free diamonds and gemstones.  Our studio uses as few chemicals as possible and makes a conscience effort to conserve water.  And of course we recycle everything!  including metal dust!


EC Design works in a variety of diamond, sapphire and moissanite options.  All of our gems are conflict-free and adhere to the Kimberly Process.  For white diamonds we use Canadian mined diamonds.  Recycled diamonds are also available.  For sapphires we also have Montana, Australian and Fair-trade options available.  Our favorite gems are rustic rose cut diamonds and rose cut sapphires in all the colors of the rainbow!


All of the metals we use are 100% recycled.  We work in 14k red gold, 18k yellow gold, 14k green gold, 14k gray gold, 950 palladium, 500 palladium, platinum, sterling silver and oxidized sterling silver (which is the dark gray/black coated metal).


Please provide us with correct sizing with your special order.  We can make rings in whole, half and quarter sizes.   If you have ordered an incorrect size we would be happy to make adjustments for a small fee, plus the cost shipping.


EC Design specializes in custom wedding and commitment rings.  Our jewelry can be customized in a variety of precious metal combinations and a rainbow of diamond and sapphire options, as well as moissanites.  Please note:  while we do make custom jewelry, it is always done in the styles represented on our website.  If you like our style please contact us to get the ball rolling!