Cole and Mary

colorful wedding ring set, one ring is a wide textured band in white metal with a yellow gold mountain scene.  The other ring is a square on a thin band with a green diamond in it.

I love the playfulness of this custom wedding set!  Rings don't have to perfectly match to make you a couple!

Each partner picked a ring based on their unique personalities.  Cole really wanted a ring to remind him of the mountains he loves.   I handmade the mountains out of 18k yellow gold and soldered them onto a wide hammered band of 500 palladium.  Durable and strong with a whimsical gold accent.

Mary fell in love with our signature Cell Ring in 18k red gold and 18k green gold.  Did you even know 18k red and green existed? They do! This alloy has about 25% more pure 24k gold, so it deepens the warmth of the color.  In addition to being colorful, Mary wanted a ring with a sculptural element.  So I made a matching contour band with a linear hammered texture to attach to the Cell Ring.  The end result is a colorful, one-of-a-kind, handmade, custom wedding set.

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