Sheri and Carl

September 05, 2021

Sheri and Carl

This gorgeous custom sapphire and diamond engagement ring was so much fun to design. Sheri loves color just as much as I do! When she walked in my studio door wearing rainbows I knew this was a good match :)

Sheri fell in love with the bright fuchsia sapphire in an oval rose cut shape. We set it in a 14k red gold bezel on a 3mm wide hammered band of 14k red gold. For an added dash of brightness we added a few natural vivid orange diamond to the band.

Check out her fabulous blue manicure! Congratulations Sheri and Carl!


Custom pink sapphire and diamond ring in recycled red gold from EC Design in Minneapolis, MN.
Custom pink sapphire ring in red gold with diamond accents. Handmade by EC Design Jewelry in Minneapolis, MN.



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