Find Your Fit: A Ring Sizing Guide

Handmade ring stack from EC Design Studio in Minneapolis, MN.

Nothing feels better than finding the perfect fit, but what if you don’t know what size is the right size? We can help with that! Whether you are ring shopping for yourself or searching for the ultimate gift for a loved one, you need to know what size to get and we have some tips and tricks to help you figure it out.

There are a few different ways to find your ring size. Here are our suggestions, starting with our best recommendation. 

Ideal Option: Schedule an in-person consultation at EC Design Studio

  • Visiting a professional jeweler, like ECD,  is the best way to determine your ring size. Not only can we take proper measurements and discuss how the seasons may affect your size, we can also help guide your design decisions based on your personal aesthetics, lifestyle, and budget. Schedule your in-studio appointment today! 

  • If visiting our Minneapolis studio is not an option for you, you can get ring measurements from any reputable jeweler in your area.

If you can’t consult with a professional jeweler in person, you can do it yourself.

Best At-Home Option: Get a commercial ring sizer to use at home

  • Ring sizers are available in various materials and range in price from under $5 for plastic ring gauges to around $25 for metal ring gauge sets.

    • If you are shopping for an ECD ring, we have ring gauges available. Click here to request yours.

Alternative Option: DYI measurements

  • If there really is no other option, you can get an estimated measurement with a printable ring sizer or piece of string or floss along with a ring sizing chart. 

    • This is the least reliable measurement technique because those materials are not rigid. A properly fitting ring should rest comfortably on your finger when worn and fit over your knuckle, which can be difficult to determine when using flexible materials like paper or string.

If you can’t get in to see a professional and you plan to take measurements yourself, there are a few things to consider.

  • Rings should fit securely while still being able to slide on an off without needing to be lubricated or forced. If you have larger knuckles, keep reading.

  • If you have large knuckles, keep in mind your ring may spin or slide around the base of your finger when worn. 

    • That said, you will want to think about how often you will have to take your ring off. If it isn’t daily, many people will opt to go with a smaller size and use water as a lubricant to get the ring over their knuckle. The ring will be tight over the knuckle, but it will fit much more comfortably at the base of the finger. 

  • Wide bands do not fit the same as thin bands. If you are looking for a band that is 6mm or wider, you should use a ring gauge specifically designed for wide bands. If that is not an option and you need to measure with a standard ring gauge, be sure to order ¼ to ½ size larger to accommodate the width of the band. If you don’t know what size to order when purchasing a wide band, please contact us to discuss your options.

  • Finger sizes change, seasonally and even sometimes daily, especially in places where the seasons fluctuate a Minnesota, for example. Your fingers will tend to be smaller during the colder months and larger when it warms up again. Body temperature, salt intake, and swelling due to activity can also cause your ring size to shift up to ½ a size. The key is to find the best size for all seasons and situations. It can take some time to get it just right, but we can make sure it is as close as possible to start and in most cases minor resizing is not an issue. 

  • Changes in your weight can effect your ring size. Unfortunately there is not a formula for ring size change to pounds lost or gained because it will vary greatly from person to person. If you are in the midst of a weight loss journey, a temporary solution may be your best option.

  • If you’ve taken measurements and are between sizes, it is recommended you size up.

Shopping for a surprise gift? 

Buying for someone else can be hard enough, let alone when sizing is involved. Fret not, friend! We have helped lots of people shop for friends, family, and loved ones. We’re here to help and offer a couple tips to help you find the best fit for the lucky recipient.

  • Ask friends and family - assuming they can keep a secret! Your significant other may have discussed ring styles and sizes with people in their inner circle. 

    • A close friend could even suggest going ring shopping with your significant other ‘just for fun’ and then they can report back to you! Sneaky, sneaky!

  • Bring one of their current rings to a trusted jeweler for measurements. Even if it is not worn on the ring finger, it can still help us make an educated guess.

    • It is common for the fingers on the dominant hand to be slightly larger, so it is helpful to know which finger, and on which hand, the ring is typically worn.

  • You can use an at-home ring sizer, but it might be difficult to get a ‘secret’ measurement if you go that route.

  • As a last resort, it may be helpful to see a picture of their hands and make a guess. Sizes vary quite a bit, but referencing a photo may help in making an educated guess.

Don’t worry if you can’t get an exact size for your surprise; most rings can be resized, to a point. It is easier to size up a ¼ to ½ a size so it’s better if it’s snug to start, especially if sizing in the hot summer months. Some rings are not resizeable because of their design, but those can often be special ordered in another size. If you buy an in-stock ring from ECD that is way off base or cannot be resized, you can return it (as is) for studio credit that you can apply toward another purchase. So, no worries! You can read up on our exchange policy here if you want to learn more. When in doubt, just ask.

If you have any questions about buying a ring for yourself or someone else, EC Design is always here for you! Email us or schedule an in-person shopping experience to learn more.


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