March Birthstone: Aquamarine

June 15, 2021

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

March is a month that is blessed with two birthstones. Bloodstone is the ancient birthstone for this early spring month and aquamarine is the modern birthstone. Bloodstone got its name due to the red specks scattered across its deep, dark green surface. Aquamarine comes in delicate blue or green-blue hues that range in intensity from light and airy to deep and rich. In this month’s blog we will focus on March’s green-blue beauty, the aquamarine.

The name aquamarine has its origins in the Latin word for seawater. It is believed to calm rough waters; not only at sea, but also within romantic relationships. It is a lovely gemstone with a hardness rating of 7.5-8 that does not require special care, so is well suited for everyday wear. Faceted aquamarine gemstones are commonly found with little to no inclusions, which adds to their durability. Assuming there are not liquid inclusions or fractures, this stone can stand up to steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, in addition to the universal recommendation of cleaning with warm, soapy water.

Aquamarines are typically mined in mountainous regions with unforgiving terrain. Pakistan is a popular source and that region produces stones that tend to be soft in color, often referred to as ‘water clear’. Deposits are also found throughout Africa and Asia, as well as stateside in Colorado and California. One of the oldest aquamarine mines is in the Minas Gerais area of Brazil and it has been a steady source of aquamarine for hundreds of years. The Brazilian government once gifted a gorgeous dark blue specimen weighing in at nearly 1,300 carats to Eleanor Roosevelt in the mid-1930s. That beauty is currently on display at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library in New York.

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