Ring Buying and Gifting Guide

Handmade custom rings created by EC Design Studio in Minneapolis, MN.

Whether you’re shopping for a ring just because or you are looking for ‘the’ ring, buying a ring for someone else is stressful... but it doesn't have to be! With some tips and tricks, along with the help of trusted jewelers like Emily and the ECD team, finding the right ring is easier than you think.

Style matters

This is especially true when shopping for an engagement or wedding ring because it will be worn everyday. Does your significant other love being classy, flashy, or more on the ‘au naturale’ side? Their personal style should be reflected in the jewelry they wear, but what does that look like?

  • Do they like timeless looks like crisp, white button downs and cashmere sweaters? Then a diamond engagement ring in the classic pairing of white diamonds and yellow gold may be just what you need.

  • Are they artsy and more likely to wear their favorite band tee and lots of color? Then you should think on the funky side with colorful sapphires set in mixed metals.

  • If they are outdoorsy a mixed metal band or diamond band with flush set stones is a better fit for their active lifestyle.

  • Or perhaps you’re shopping for something just for fun and a cocktail ring or stack of textured bands is in order.

Mixed metal diamond and sapphire rings from EC Design Jewelry in Minneapolis, MN.

No matter the ‘why’, we can help you find a ring to make the occasion extra special.

Lifestyle considerations

How someone uses their hands influences what type of jewelry they are most comfortable wearing. Knowing what someone does for work, along with their hobbies and interests, will help determine what design would work best for them. For example, someone who works with their hands a lot might prefer a low-profile ring. If you need help figuring it out, let us help! We want to help you find the ideal design so your gift will be worn (and admired) day in and day out.

Find the perfect fit

Buying for someone else is hard enough, let alone when sizing is involved. Fret not, friend! We have helped lots of people shop for friends, family, and loved ones. We’re here to guide you and offer tips to find the best fit.

  • Ask friends and family - assuming they can keep a secret! Your significant other may have discussed ring styles and sizes with people in their inner circle. 

    • A close friend could suggest going ring shopping with your significant other ‘just for fun’ and they can report back to you. Sneaky, sneaky!

  • Bring one of their current rings to a trusted jeweler for measurements. Even if it’s not worn on the ring finger, it can still help us make an educated guess.

    • It is common for the fingers on the dominant hand to be slightly larger, so it is helpful to know which finger, and on which hand, the current ring is typically worn.

  • You can use an at home ring sizer, but it might be difficult to get a ‘secret’ measurement if you go that route. If you aren’t too set on the element of surprise and would like a ring sizer for home measurements, contact us and we’ll send one right to your door.

  • As a last resort, it may be helpful to see a picture of their hands and make a guess. Sizes vary quite a bit, but referencing a photo may help in making an educated guess.

Don’t worry if you can’t get an exact size for your surprise; most rings can be resized, to a point. It is easier to size up a ¼ to ½ a size so it’s better if it’s snug to start, especially if sizing in the hot summer months. Some rings are not resizeable because of their design, but those can often be special ordered in another size. If you buy an in-stock ring that is way off base or cannot be resized due to its design, you can return it for studio credit* that you can apply toward another purchase. So, no worries! Still not sure how exchanges work, just ask.

Remember, EC Design is always here for you! Schedule an in-person shopping experience to learn more.

*See our exchange policy for details. No cash back returns.


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